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There are only so many hours in a day and zero-turn technology can help you make the most of them. Easy to learn and operate, zero-turn mowers help you achieve shorter mowing times, use less fuel and cover more ground over the course of the machine's lifetime. Take advantage of 180-degree maneuverability and confidently earn your stripes.
Welded into the DNA of every Gravely zero-turn mower is the power and performance you need to do the job right. From easy-to-use controls to dynamic framework to optimized lines of sight, our machines are built smart and strong—right down to the last detail.
Here are three features you won’t want to miss.

Zero Turn Mowers

  • ZT 34”-50”
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    With 34- to 50-inch options, no other model in its class measures up to the ZT. That’s because these zero-turn mowers were inspired by our commercial models—and as a result, bring home a level of quality and performance that blow right by the competition

    Flip Out Controls
    The ZT features flip out controls to provide easy access to and from the operating position
    Xlerator™ Deck
    The 12-gauge Xlerator stamped deck features a tunneled cutting area for maximum airflow to move grass up and out
    Easy Deck Lift
    The effortless and intuitive foot operated deck lift makes it easy to adjust between 7 cutting heights, from 1.5 to 4.5-inches
    Level The Field
    The 4-point deck lift system provides superior deck stability that can be immediately felt once you are in the seat
    Cut With Comfort
    This high-back seat can be adjusted from the operator position to deliver a comfortable and customized cutting experience
    Compact Design
    The 34-inch deck option allows for enhanced maneuverability to easily move through a standard 36-inch gate

  • ZTX 42”-52”
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    Premium Kohler® 7000 Series Engines with PRO filtration and Smart-Choke™ easy starting technology for powerful cutting performance
    10-gauge, fabricated deck provides excellent cut quality and durability
    Best-in-class dial height of cut selection
    Foot-operated deck lift for quick and easy adjustment between 13 cutting heights ranging from 1.5"- 4.5"
    Plush high back seat with armrests for enhanced operator comfort

  • ZT XL 42”-54”
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    A low center of gravity enhances stability and increases operator confidence over uneven terrain.
    Kohler® 7000 Series with PRO filtration and Smart-Choke™ easy starting technology and powerful cutting performance
    10-gauge, fabricated deck provides excellent cut quality and durability.
    Foot-operated deck lift for quick and easy adjustment between 7 cutting heights ranging from 1.5"- 4.5"

  • ZT HD 44”-60”
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    Commercial grade power and performance to suit your needs.
    Kawasaki® FR and Kohler® 7000 Series Engines with PRO filtration and Smart-Choke™ easy starting technology and powerful cutting performance.
    10-gauge fabricated steel decks with maintenance free spindles are designed to tackle the toughest cutting conditions.
    Spring-assisted foot deck lift with 9 cutting heights from 1"-5" makes it easy to achieve a precise, manicured look

  • Pro Turn 48”-60”
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    Multiple models with cutting widths from 48 to 60 inches.
    Commercial-duty Hydro-Gear® ZT-3200 transaxles deliver exceptional control and power.
    High back thick cushioned seat with isolators that absorb bumps and vibrations to enhance operator comfort.
    10-gauge fabricated and welded deck design with a reinforced leading edge ensures lasting performance and durability.
    Isolators between the seat and frame work in conjunction with the seat to absorb bumps and vibration adding to operator comfort

  • Pro Turn 100 XDZ 48”-60”
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    Multiple models with cutting widths from 48 to 60 inches.
    Robust twin-cylinder engine options are not only high-performance, but create less vibration to minimize operator fatigue.
    Commercial-duty Hydro-Gear® ZT3400 transaxles provide extraordinary traction and enhance maneuverability so you get more done in less time each day.
    Full suspension seat with lumbar support assures a comfortable ride and the twin-stick operator controls with dampeners make turning on a dime a breeze

  • Pro Turn 200 XDZ 52”-72”
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    Multiple models with cutting widths from 52 to 72 inches.
    Hydro-Gear® ZT-5400 integrated pump and wheel motor transmission has 89% fewer leak points than separate pump and wheel motors and offers reduced maintenance.
    A larger, more comfortable operator zone with rubber-isolated foot platform, fully adjusted controls and larger diameter steering arms with vibration isolators reduce operator fatigue.
    7-gauge fabricated and welded X-FACTOR® II deck design ensures lasting performance and durability including a 1/2" wear bar integrated into the deck and two additional gussets guard against leading edge or baffle bending

  • Pro Turn 400 XDZ 52”-72”
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    Smarter components, a smoother ride and more intuitive controls. Our top-of-the-line commercial lawn mowers were inspired by your expectations, then engineered to exceed them. Choose our Pro-Turn® 400 zero-turn mowers and power past the competition, stripe after stripe.

  • Compact-Pro 34”-44”
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    The right size at the right price. Our Compact-Pro® zero-turn mowers are loaded with creature comforts and fueled by performance measurements that are off the charts. The uncompromised strength, flexibility and power of the Compact-Pro doesn’t quit—same as you.

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    The landscape of professional mowing is about to change. Gravely zero-turn mowers now proudly run with with the Yamaha MX V-Series engines, creating the most powerful partnership in the industry. This year, Yamaha will make its debut on Gravely products with the MX775 V-Twin EFI 29-horsepower engine and the MX825 V-Twin EFI 33-horsepower engine with the potential of more to follow in the near future. Right now, the new Yamaha EFI engines can be ordered on the following zero-turn commercial mowers: Gravely Pro-Turn 252 (29 HP engine), Pro-Turn 260 (29 HP engine), Pro-Turn 272 (33 HP engine), Gravely Pro-Turn 452 (29 HP engine), Gravely Pro-Turn 460 (33 HP engine) and the Gravely Pro-Turn 472 (33 HP engine).

Stand On Mowers

  • Pro-Stance 36”-61”
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    Multiple models with cutting widths ranging from 36 to 61 inches.
    Foot pedal deck lift allows operators to easily change the height of cut of feather the deck over obstacles while mowing.
    Hydro-Gear® integrated transmissions provide a low center of gravity and create operator confidence on slopes and uneven terrain.
    The dial-adjust height-of-cut provides easy concurrent changing of the deck height at the control panel without stepping off the machine.
    The large diameter control handles and forward and reverse index bars provide comfort and stability while operating this unit

Walk Behind Mowers

  • Pro-Walk Hydro Drive 36”-61”
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    Multiple models with cutting widths from 36 to 61 inches and available in either pistol grip or pro-steer handle styles to ensure you have the right machine for the job.
    Available in pistol grip or pro-steer handle styles, you choose which controls you prefer to operate all day.
    Lockable or floating 7-gauge fabricated and welded deck design with 1/4" reinforced leading edge assures lasting strength and durability.
    Wide wheelbase offers excellent side hill stability

  • Pro-Walk Gear Drive
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    7-Gauge Deck
    Tough enough to take on any terrain, this lockable and floating fabricated deck is designed with a 1/4-inch reinforced leaded edge for added durability
    PTO Clutch
    Starting up is no sweat. And it only gets easier from there with a PTO clutch that helps you switch gears smoothly in a snap
    Aluminum Housing Spindles
    Our maintenance-free aluminum spindles provide simplicity of service and better heat dissipation
    Pick Your Power
    The 48-inch Pro-Walk Hydro offers the power to choose and EFI LP option, and have LP hardware kits for easy conversions
    Transmission Options
    We offer Geared and Hydro transmission options, providing you the transmission that best suits your needs

  • Commercial 21
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    Die cast aluminum deck with steel wear guards ensures longevity and delivers great cutting performance.
    Rear wheel drive, three speed shift-on-the-fly transmission allows you to adjust to mowing conditions with ease.
    9-Inch cast aluminum wheels with sealed bearings assure a smooth ride on rough terrain.
    Greasable rear axle with zerk fittings and dust seals to ensure long life

  • Pro 24 High Wheel Mower
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    Large 20" composite rim rear wheels on the back of the mower for added stability, maneuverability and traction.
    1" spindle shaft provides the strength needed to tackle tall grass.
    Belt driven deck and wheel helps reduce engine damage risk and maintenance costs

  • Pro-24 Brush Cutter
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    Lighter and more maneuverable than competitive brush cutters with a weight of 220 lbs.
    1" spindle shaft provides the strength needed to take down tree sapplings up to 1.5" in diameter.
    Clutching PTO drive allows the operator to step away from the mower and pick up debris in the cutting path without having to shut the unit down

  • Power Brush
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    Multi-functional, all-season machine capable of removing snow up to 6" deep, clearing debris like sand, dirt and gravel from sidewalks, driveways or decorative surfaces like patio brick or cobblestone, and dethatching or removing gravel from lawns.
    All-season Subaru Engine with 120V electric start provides optimal performance in any weather (12V Key Start on Hydro Brush 36).
    Automatic traction control optimizes maneuverability, steering is effortless

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Mowers & Parts

  • TimeMaster
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    Electric Start - No need to pull the recoil cord to start the engine
    30" (76 cm) Wide Mowing Deck
    Personal Pace® Self-Propel with Traction Assist Handle
    8.75 ft-lb Gross Torque Briggs & Stratton® OHV 190cc

  • TimeCutter

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